Summer is an excellent time to head to Porto in terms of the weather.  July and August are the warmest months of the year in the area, but they are not uncomfortably warm.  The average high temperature during these months is only approximately eighty five degrees.  These two months are also the lowest in precipitation, so it is unlikely that a visit during this time will be marred by rain.  The humidity is low and the breezes generally make the air feel cool, with evenings during this time being particularly nice.

The rainy season in Porto begins in approximately mid-September and each month gets rainier and rainier, peaking in December when the average monthly rainfall is approximately eighteen inches.  The rain continues fairly consistently, with a drop in March but then a rise again in April and May.  Visitors who do not enjoy rain will not want to travel to the area during the winter months.  However, it is not particularly cold, with the lowest lows averaging just under fifty degrees, so visitors who do not mind the rain might enjoy this season.  At the end of the rainy season, in approximately late February, the trees all over Porto are blooming which is a wonderful sight to see.

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