The following are Porto hotspots which night owls traveling through the area will not want to miss:

  • Caffé IN is a great bar in Rua do Almada, 349. Open from Monday until Saturday - 21:30 / 4:00. Karaoke on Thursdays.
    The Oporto night starts on Caffé IN, what about yours?...
  • Bar Hiva-oa is a happy hour spot generally catering to an older crowd.

  • Bar Industria is a trendy dance club, open only on the weekends and catering to the creative and artsy crowd in Porto.

  • Disco Swing is one of the most popular dance clubs in Porto.  Though its name suggests that it plays oldies music, which it does, it also offers a wide range of other music styles.  It is open until four in the morning every day of the week.

  • O Labirinto is a combination art gallery and bar.  This is a gay-friendly spot where creativity and an appreciation of the arts is more of a focus than the drinking, although there is more than one bar to choose from.

  • Praça dos leoes is the place to know for those travelers who enjoy bar hopping. "Cafe Piolho" is the most famous one,the people gather themselves in front for a drink and talk,  Visitors can go from one place to the next all the way down the street, mingling with the locals over a glass of beer.

  • Pitch is the hype trendy fashion club right now, with great music and great atmosphere,three different floors makes the pitch club the place to go in porto.

  • Gare disco if you're looking for alternative,underground music but with a nice atmosphere of local students this is the place to go.

  • Via rapida is the biggest dance club in porto, located in zona industrial.

  • Cor Da Noite is very nice night club in av. Boavista.

  • Twins in foz is the most fancy club in porto.Where all the rich and famous go.

  • Tendinha a rock music disco in baixa, if you like rock music definitely worth a try
Be aware that in porto the night starts very late, People dinner till mid night then they go to the bars between 00:00 and 03:00 and only after that the discos get crowded.