Sharing on Greece and scenic views is synonymous.  Pretty much everywhere you turn in this spectacular country you are bound to be surrounded by incredible ancient sights, phenomenal narrow winding alleys consumed by flowers on the isles, glistening waters that beckon even the mountaineer....the list goes on and on from that first glimpse of the Parthenon on the Akropolis upon making that turn, whether on foot or in a taxi, to sailing into Santorini....taking many a breaths away!

One particular spot on a rather off-the-beaten track destination rivals the best on the 'WOW' scale receiving a solid '10' by all who venture there. The island is Alonissos, one in the Northern Aegean Sea called the Sporadic Isles and the 'spot' is the Old Town.  Perched high above the island's main port town of Patitiri, the Old Town stands as a true testament to raw and unrivaled beauty! In season there is bus service, otherwise, a quick 2-minute taxi rides leaves you at the foot of this incredible village where long stone steps lead you up to a sight soon not forgotten.  The views across the Sea are few that can be matched.  A numbered few cafe's tend to gather the bewildered visitor and not  much conversation goes on as all eyes, ears, senses are consumed by the scenic splendor lying before them.  At the very top, where a couple of more steps lead to the 'heart' of this village and at the end of the street lined w/traditional homes, some old, some new, is the cafe Xayiati where the sky meets the sea and all who sit and enjoy a cup become transformed! To gaze out at the beauty of the green mountains opening up to an endless blue sea which eventually meets up with the sky can be life-changing!  Can such beauty exist?  It does here!

Getting to this piece of  'Paradise on earth' is a journey in itself taking you past splendid isles and clear blue waters.  One must first get to the island of Skiathos which is readily accessible by both air and sea.  From there either a ferry or dolphin will take you past the isle of Skopelos to Alonissos.  There is ferry and dolphin service as well from the Northern City of Thessaloniki and on this run Alonissos is the first island destination.  Well worth a trek for experiencing one of Greece's true gems!  Enjoy!