Taxis are plentiful in Athens, but also available through much of Attica. Cabs can be called to most of the major resorts, and even in the smaller towns and villages finding a cab shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Inexpensive by European standards cabs be used to get to most of the major destinations. All licensed taxis are equipped with meters, and display a card listing the various additional fares and surcharges. Some rides to various tourist destinations incur an extra fee. Ask the driver about it in advance, and don’t use anything but a licensed cab, as the drivers often will charge a much higher rate.

Additionally, you can hire a car for the day and agree upon the fare at the start of the trip. Your hotel can likely make such arrangements and this can be a convenient way of seeing the various sites around Attica.

Alternatively, you can do the driving yourself, especially if you’re heading away from the resorts and other attractions of Athens. All agencies, local and international, are licensed through the Greek National Tourist Organization, so be sure to inquire when renting a car. Likewise, make sure that you have adequate insurance as well. To rent a car you need to have a European Union or International Driver’s license, which can be purchased once you arrive. Drivers must also be 21-years of age or older.

There are big multinationals like Hertz , Avis, Budget ,Sixt and Eurodollar to the independant local operators who tend to be a little more competitive and willing to haggle to a point over rates. You can also use a brokerage site, to help consolidate your search: