Travelling with kids is different than travelling with your life companion only or with friends.

Kids need to be entertained. Athens is full of activities, while the central area of Acropolis / Agora and Hephaestus Temple will be contesting about your valuable time.

 If you still have time left in Athens, you may want to include some more "children attractive" activities. So:

The Athens Planetarium

Athens has one of the best planetariums in the world. If planning to visit it, do some king of prebooking, since weekend afternoon shows tend to fill up early. You may want to take a look at:

Greek readers may want to also take a look at:


The Athens Zoological Park

Athens has a zoological Park, located outside of Athens. It has started as a large ( 3rd in the world ) birds collection but gets larger year over year including other species too.


IME ( Hellenic World Foundation )

 This is a children oriented museum - exhibition hall with multimedia presentations. It is a good chance to see something new, presenting historical info on a very children friendly basis. Virtual reality presentations too. Check: 


 The Greek Reptile Center

If your children love snakes and reptiles, then give the Greek Reptile Center a try. The center has dozens of snakes on display (including cobras, pythons, rattlesnakes, black mambas, boas, and more) and a few lizards. Unfortunately, the center is not very conveniently located unless you have a car (in which case, it is not far from Exit 7 on the Attiki Odos). Nonetheless, it is guaranteed to be an interesting and educational experience.


Travelling with a Baby: My Baby In Greece 

Now you can travel light when visiting Athens with your children. My Baby In Greece offers baby and children equipment for rent and childcare products that can be purchased - all delivered straight upon your arrival to your hotel

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Kids Love Greece:

If you want to explore Athens with your family, here are some suggestions:

1. Kid-Friendly guided tours in Athens - see Athens and its most important monuments like the Acropolis, Partnenon, Ancient Agora, Panathynaiko Stadium etc under the guidance of a guide who specializes in kid-friendly tours.

2. Beachfront Athens and Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon: if you feel like exploring the Athens Riviera (and the beackfront), visit Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon there (1 hour away from the Athens city centre). The sunset is simply magical! 

3. Hydra and other islands in the Argosaronic sea: amazing day trip on the boat!  

All suggestions come from local families in order to make you experience Athens through the eyes of its locals in the most kid friendly way.

To find out more of where to go, stay and eat in Athens, just visit: