Here are some trusted favorite shops for authentic handmade items (note by locals) and in pleasant, easy environments in Chania, Crete: 1)  Zografia art and ceramics shop! Two short blocks back from the waterfront limani/port near the intersection of Kondylaki Ioanni and Zampeliou Spyridonos steeets (on Ioanni).  By far, this store is the most amazing and worth a few visits. Favorites include hand painted portraits and landscapes on clay with intricate details. They also have nutmeg worry beads and ofher local gifts. The shop will wrap your purchase for travel, speak English, and make everything a pleasant experience. A small landscape painting of  what Chania used to look like, with a fantastic frame included is the very reasonable price of around 100 euros  (the store also has items ranging from vases to religious paintings, smaller and larger items costing approximately 40 to 350 euros).   2) Local artistic handicraft association of Crete looks like it is inside of an old Moorish building at the mouth of the port. Low lit, with varying materials and artists, this is interesting and worth the visit.  Thr exhibits change, for example, various handmade leather bracelets are 12 each, and a mirror with decoupage for around 130.  Photos range from 2 to 20 euros. 3) As for food, and while you are in Greece you know that you have to keep eating, visit the large indoor market/Agora  for an amazing vista of colors, foods, and smells.  Maybe not for small children as there are meat products with heads and feat in tact. Many items are open in little stands as you walk by.   4) If you are in on a Saturday, there is a one street that has a farmers market of sorts.  All of the vivid produce is out, along with local specialities such as honey, cheeses, some grains, and a bit of meat. As with most things on Greece, it is suggested that you begin all at 10 or 11 am, before it gets very hot and crowded.  Enjoy the people, shopping, the food, and your visit!