The forest is situated in the area "Alyko" on the southwest side of Naxos sialnd. It is a great and unique forest in Greece, of Junipers(Cedars), which covers almost the entire sandy peninsula of  "Kouroupia" cape, with an extented of 650 acres! The rich flora of Alyko consisting of wild arborescent vegetation which includes the Junipers(Cedars), Arkefthous and Shcino. Τhe sovereignty ofcource is holded by the Junipers which are met in the form of tree and bush reaching 4-5m height sometimes. The entire extent of the forest is covered by white sand and sandunes. The age of many of the trees is estimated more than 200 years old! The forest is a nature protected area as it is a great shelter of small wild rabbits, birds and other animals.