The Cycladic Islands complex are known for their distinct Architecture with its characteristic picturesque villages with the small white-washed houses and stonepaths, their narrow alleys and their, usually, very dense structure, mostly situated on top -at least one- hill or on -at least one- hillside.  This positioning, usually by the sea, or overlooking the sea, creates spectacular views and panoramas.  A very good example of this is the village of Oia (or Ia) in Santorini Island. One of the most common pictures advertising Greece, throughout the world, is the one featuring a blue cupola of a small white-washed church overlooking the sea below.

As it goes when it comes to Advertising and Promoting something in a Country,  the example most frequently mentioned is usually one of the best and so  it is more than logical that not every village in the Cyclades Islands will have the beauty of Oia or other advertised/promoted places. More frequently something will be missing: be it the picturesque-ness (most usually) or the 'blessed' positioning. It goes without saying that if both are missing, then the