Paros is a popular Greek island, located in the Cyclades Island group southeast of Athens.  This is a beautiful destination that offers all of its visitors plenty of things to do.  Seeing that Paros is an island, many of the popular activities available have to do with the beaches and sea. 

            There are many beautiful sandy beaches all around the island.  For a bit of inspiration, check out these Beach Pictures.  Of the many beaches, it is important to choose the right one, because different beaches offer different atmospheres.  Certain areas are popular for the crowds of people who gather there to look good and put on a show.  Other areas are filled with water sports and beach activities.  Then there are the less frequented areas, at which visitors can relax and listen to the sound of the waves crashing onto shore.  For more information, check out this List of Beaches .

            The water sports offered at certain beaches include sea kayaking, wind surfing, waterskiing, sailing, kite surfing, and scuba diving.  The scuba diving off of Paros is generally good, with excellent visibility during certain times of the year. For more information, check out this Diving Information page.

 But Paros has more to offer than just sea and sun. The special light and clarity attracts artists from all the world and the island has 2 top art schools and many art courses. The serenity and beauty of nature encourage mind& body activities such as meditation, yoga and Tai Chi.

            For further information about things to do on the island of Paros, check out this Traveler Information Website .

For a daily programme of events and activities on Paros throughout the year, see Paros Life & Naxos Life magazine.