Finding paradise is as easy as booking a flight  and hotel in the beautiful island of Santorini. At the same time you can find the fountain of youth  in this mythic place known by many as the lost continent of Atlantis. Make your own mythology here and feel like a God of Goddess.   It is a wonderful and healing experience to go and spend a week or two

        The scenery is spectacular - unlike any other place in the world. If someone is looking for a great place to relax then Santorini is your island. it is important to bring a good pair of walking shoes and practical clothes: other than the downtown area in Fira and the smooth marble road in Oia, there are no sidewalks. One must be aware of Greek drivers, as pedestrians do not necessarily have the right of way. The roads leading in and out of Fira are very winding with hairpin curves.Overall Santorini is very safe with a low crime rate. it is mostly outsiders who come and cause trouble.

        The beaches are dark with volcanic ash. In the summer it can be extremely hot. It is important to wear sandals on the beach. The sun is extreme at this latitude and it is best to rent a beach umbrella for about 8 euros. It is wise not to leave valuables alone while going for a swim. There are no lifeguards on duty. In secluded areas it is extremely important to watch out for sea urchins. Usually they are on the rocks and are easy to spot. If stepped on one must seek medical attention immediately.

         Medical facilities are excellent  and almost all doctors speak English and will fill out insurance forms when needed. The cost of a medical visit is about 40 euros. A list of Doctors is found in the Santorini Times, a small newspaper found in nearly all stores. In addtion to emergency visits to the Doctor a visitor can benefit for many cosmetic procedures that are offered. There is a medical office in downtown Fira that is above a pharmacy. The dermatolgist, Dr Dimitroupoulos, offers greatly reduced rates for botox, restylane as well as other laser treatments. ThIs is an exceptional bargain for men and woman. You can go to Santorini and have treatments done and come looking 10 to 15 years younger. "The fountain if youth awaits you". Many cruises send their sick passengers to this office for all kinds of medical conditions. It is an easy location to find and is centrally located. Santorini also has a hospital.

       The public restrooms as of 2004 leave something to be desired. You must buy your toilet paper. One must look for the W.C. or Water Closet when in a taverna or restaurant. For the most part the rest rooms are clean.

        The Santorini cuisine is excellent. When dining out you can choose the fish you want to grill. All the vegetable dishes are very healthy. Santorini specialities such as tomato fritters are worth trying. There is wide variety of fruit available. Pistachios and grapes are locally grown and in abundance. It is worthwhile experiencing a tour of a winery such as Boutari in Pyrgos.

        Two things may surprise tourists in Santorini. One is the abundance of cats: they are everywhere. Be careful in feeding them because food attracts cats from everywhere. Another surprise is the lack of ecology and recycling. Unfortunately this a concept that has yet to reach this beautiful  island, although the local children are now cleaning up the beaches

        All in all Santorini is the jewel in the crown of all the Greek islands. It will take your breath away. Go there for a week or two. You will definitely come back refreshed and look like a million bucks. Santorini is good for your health and wonderful for your soul.

- Yassou.