There are two ways by which Santorini’s visitors can reach the area: one is by boat and the other is by plane.  Plane is the preferred method by which most travelers get to Santorini.

The Santorini airport  is a domestic flight airport, which means that travelers coming from other parts of the world - except charter flights - will fly into another Greek city and will then fly to Santorini from there.  The most common route is to fly to Athens and then take an Olympic Airways ( or Aegean Airlines ( and (Ryan air )  from there to Santorini.  Upon arrival at the Santorini airport, visitors can rent a car, hire a taxi or catch a minibus  to their hotel destination.

Many visitors coming from different locations in Europe opt to reach Santorini by ferry ( .  The main dock Santorini port  for ferries is located at Athinios, where buses and taxis are available to take visitors to their local hotel destinations.  Visitors may arrive via passenger ferry or car ferry, coming from such locations as Piraeus (which has the most frequent ferry route at twice daily), Ios, Paros, Siros, Sifnos or Thessaloniki.  Visitors are warned that ferries often do not run on time and travelers should arrive early but anticipate a long wait.

If you are traveling here off season, you might not be able to get a flight from Germany into Santorini without staying a night in Athens.  Also, 60% of all restaurants, shops, and attractions are closed on Santorini during the winter season.  At the few places that are open, you may be the only patron. Do some research to make sure the things you want to do and see are open at this time of year.