Santorini is a relatively small island so most travelers know about most of the things that other travelers do during a Santorini vacation.  However, for tourists interested in exploring areas that are not as well known for being tourist attractions, there are some options.  Tourist should know, first off, that there are three basic locations in Santorini: the caldera, the black sand beaches and Akrotiri.  Only the caldera is heavily populated with tourists.  The beaches and the ruins of Akrotiri are basically the only tourist attractions in the other two areas, so travelers interested in getting lost in Santorini and seeing things that other travelers just don’t see should get out to these other two sections of Santorini and just start walking and wandering and watching what happens.

One of the sights which is worth seeing but not usually crowded with tourists is the domes of the volcano. The volcano itself is frequently explored, but there are three domes, known as the Fouque, Reck and Smith domes, which can be explored on their own.   Visitors who take the time to climb to the peaks of these domes will get a view of the larger crater where tourists gather and will be able to see the ancient lava streams glittering across the landscape.

Most of the organized tours of the island will take you to the capital (Thera) and Oia, but other places worth visiting are Imerovigli, which has the best views of the caldera, and Megalochiri or Emporeio which are relatively unspoiled traditional villages in the south of the island. And no visit to Santorini would be complete without a glass of wine at the Santos winery, perched on the edge of the caldera above Athinos, just south of Thira.

Getting to the capital is easy - cheap and frequent buses run from every part of the island - but to get off the beaten track you will need to hire a vehicle. The most common vehicles are scooters and quad bikes (ATVs). The latter will cost 25-30 Euro per day but make sure you get one with at least 150cc and full insurance. Dune buggies will cost 40 Euro per day, and cars 30-50 Euro per day. Another option is doing a biking tour.