The climate throughout all of Halkidiki is generally Mediterranean, which makes it a year round destination.  However, certain times of the year offer more habitable weather conditions than others. 

             There are two times of year during which conditions are nearly perfect throughout Halkidiki. 

            The first time is from the beginning of May until the end of June.  These are the spring months, and visitors to the area can expect warm temperatures during the day and cool evenings.  The average high temperatures in the lowland areas during these months are in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s, with nighttime temperatures dropping to the 60’s.  The ocean water may still be chilly, but that factor is offset by the lack of crowds.

            The second time is from mid September through October.  This is the fall season in Halkidiki, and weather conditions are similar to those of the spring.  Fall comes at the end of tourist season, so dense crowds of visitors are generally not an issue.

            Tourist season is from July through August, during which time the temperatures are extremely hot, the beaches are very crowded, and offshore winds can be bothersome. 

            The time between October and February is the cold and wet season in Halkidiki, and few tourists come during this time.