Visitors to Samos should be aware that driving in the area is considered somewhat dangerous by international travel standards. Drivers can be reckless, and there are many winding, steep and poor quality roads once off the main routes. In addition, public transportation is a very convenient and cheaper option for getting around during the busier season.  

However, for travelers who do wish to rent a car, it is easy to do so.  Often, visitors who rent cars do so at the Samos International Airport. Travelers should know that there are also car rental companies with offices located throughout Samos and these are generally less pricey than their airport counterparts, such as Aramis Rent a CarBudget Car Rental, Europcar. HertzThrifty and Dollar, which have both airport and in-town offices. There are also less well-known rental companies, some are very reputable and good value but others may have old and poor quality vehicles. Because of the dangers of driving in the area, it is strongly recommended that travelers obtain maximum car rental insurance when getting their cars.

It is important for visitors to observe speed limits, parking restrictions, obey the directions of the police, and not drive after drinking alcohol. Apart from the obvious dangers, it is generally thought that the police are much stricter on driving offences with visitors than with local people. 

Travelers who decide to avoid car rental will find that, when public transportation does not suffice, taxis are around to do the job.  Taxis can be hailed on the street, especially in Vahti, or they can be called for pick-up.  Drivers usually speak English or have English-language written materials in their vehicle to ease communication.