eagle (roman -unfinished)The museum is opposite the church, at end of shopping street and up some steps from the old harbour..It is closed Mondays and entrance fee is two euros.Don't be fooled by the padlock gate as there are two entrances.

The courtyard has many interesting exhibits including a vicious looking Roman eagle.On entering the main exhibit takes your breath away.Kouros with ram is an eleven foot high statue This 6th century  statue was found in three pieces in the town wall.The sculpture is unfinished as a crack appeared on the  mans temple.Go to the rear of exhibit and look at the intricate weave of the hair.Visit the room on left which gives you the fuller picture.Other exhibits include hand made pottery,a Dionysus head and small statue of Venus with dolphin.

Unfortunately at the time of writing some of the rooms were under repair but the museum is well worth a visit just to see the Ram-carrying statue.