Different regions of Peloponnese offer different types of shopping opportunities, from large malls to traditional markets and small shops.  The city of Olympia is especially known for its high-end shopping, mainly fine gold jewelry and gemstones which boast large price tags.  It is a favorite destination for wealthy travelers who enjoy shopping and browsing Olympia's many fine shops and lunching in its quaint cafes.  An afternoon spent here window shopping, for those without thick wallets, may be just as enjoyable.

Other Peloponnese shopping destinations include Kalamata, which is known world-wide for its high-quality olive oil and olives.  Visitors to the area can visit some of the plantations where the olives are grown and sample local products before buying.  Kalamata makes a nice day trip as well, even if you do not plan to buy anything.

Peloponnese's many smaller towns and hamlets are great destinations for buying locally made goods and crafts.  The region is known for its brightly colored, hand-woven fabrics which are often made into shoulder bags and wall hangings.