As it is almost completely surrounded by water, and a popular summertime beach destination, there are many sports and activities in the Peloponnese region available for travelers which have to do with the sea.  One of the most popular activities, available at most resort areas, is boating.  Cruising on yachts and/or sailing is a very enjoyable way to see the region from a different viewpoint and to relax at the same time.  Many boats are available for hire by the day or hour and some come complete with crews. 

For those who may not be interested in sailing or yachting, many other activities are available for both adults and older children, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, para sailing, and windsurfing.  Golf and tennis are also available at some resorts and clubs.  Less structured activities such as swimming and walking are also popular with families.  For more information on the activities and sports available where you are staying, ask at your hotel or resort.