For centuries, much of Jutland’s activities and commerce was surrounded around sea fare. Also, Danish diet, including the famous smørrebrød relies famously on different types of pickled and smoked fishes like code, perch and trout. Thus, as expected, a very popular sport in Jutland’s coastal towns is fishing. Anglers and sport enthusiasts to test their luck both in fresh- and saltwater fishing.

Since biking is the national sport of Denmark (as witnessed in any town in Jutland large or small), this activity is also popular for tourists. All towns in Jutland are configured to be conducive and practical for bikers and also much of the terrain is flat. In fact a popular recreation is booking a full bike tour which often covers the bike rental, ferry tickets, and accommodations throughout the trip. A good contact to learn more about these opportunities is Danish Cycling Federation.

Jutland is also regionally famous for its natural landscape and idyllic camping grounds. In fact, Denmark has one of the highest numbers of camping grounds per capita in the world and the tourist sites in Jutland largely reflect this.   Whether visiting North, South, midland or East, there are numerous wood and beach sites that provide a perfect way to experience the natural fauna that Jutland is famous for and also unite family and friends in an adventurous terrain. Sites such as (which is the official website of the Danish Tourist Board) or , provides thorough information about various camping options.