Christania or by danish slang 'Øen' or 'Staden '

Christiania has about 500 000 visitors yearly and is the third greatest tourist attraction in Denmark.

Christania contains a lot of different things that allow you to enjoy your experience there fully, make sure you get around to see them.

The Sunshine Bakery

Located in the heart of christania and easy to spot, it's right next to pusherstreet, I recommend you go there when you get the munchies, it's cheap having in mind that denmark is a pricy place.

The Lake

A peaceful lake surrounded by a path. You can take a stroll around it and enjoy the silence or sit by the water on the grass, smoke up or enjoy a good picnic, go here if you want to relax and get away from the busy crowd in pusherstreet.

Loppen, the site can be set to english, check out what's happening on the day you visit.

Loppen is a venue located in the free city of Christiania. Since 1973 they have been serving alternative, agressive, provocative and dansable music. Build upon the principles of Consensus, they have managed to uphold the fine principles of freedom and tollerance in spite of changing gouverments and rightwings attempt to bring them down.
Loppen is, and has always been a collective. Decissions are made on their weekly monday meeting and the work they do is mainly voluntary.


You want pot, skunk, hash, hashoil, prerolled joints, you can almost get anything here depending on who are selling, here's a wide selection of ganja for the experienced smoker or the first-timer. Use common sense when approaching a pusher, but dont ever be afraid of him, without you he wouldn't be in business. When you go to purchase your weed you usually get a smile and a comment like "enjoy" from the pushers who are located behind wooden stands all around, just approach them, there's usually minor cues around the stands. (:

(Note: Please be aware NOT to take photos in PusherStreet. Big signs at the entrance states: NO PHOTO. Put away the camera while passing through here - the pushers don't like to be photographed).

The Stands

You need rolling paper, bongs, pibes, chillums, grinders, filters, really anything, again a wide selection of smoking equipment, it's fairly cheap if you remember to check out each stand, they usually have the same stuff at different prices. They're also located in the center of christania close to pusherstreet, there'¨s also hats, scarfs, caps and all sorts of funky souvenirs if that's what you want.

Cafe Nemoland

The Cafe Nemoland is just one of many cultural services at Christiania, there's a huge outside area with many benches you can sit on, most of them located below pavillions, safe from hot sun and rain, there's usually a huge crowd here, smoking, drinking, playing boardgames, chilling, eating and enjoying themselves, a very social place to smoke up.


There's a couple of bars in christania, they usually contain a lot "regulars", you're not allowed to smoke up inside of them though, but go there if you want a drink.


And this is just a few of the things you'll meet in staden. I hope this little guide was useful to you, I'll put in more info about staden when I feel like it. (: