You arrive in Copenhagen at the Copenhagen Kastrup International Airport ( CPH ). All international arrivals are in terminal 3.

The trains are very frequent but the platform information can be a little confusing so be prepared to hover around the info boards and then make a dash for it, like the locals. Information on the national rail system, called DSB. You can also ask the airport's green info staff about most matters.

DSB has a ticket office in the arrival hall just above the two train tracks. There's usually some waiting time, but there's many vending machines. The red ones are only for the Copenhagen region whereas the other ones sell tickets to Southern Sweden, Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark.

Any train leaving from platform 2 will get you to the center of Copenhagen and the main railway station København H. Some trains then continue north and others go west. If your are going to the cruise ships, getting a train towards Helsingør and Nivå and getting off at Østerport wil get you within a 40 kroner taxi ride of the harbour.

In Sept 2007 the M2 line of the Metro began service to the airport (terminal 3) also. A journey to central Copenhagen (Nørreport station or Kongens Nytorv) takes around 15 minutes.

There are many fare saving deals including a 24-hour ticket valid on the bus, train or metro in the greater Copenhagen region at 100 DKK for one adult, plus 2 children under 12 travel free. It is also possible to share a ten-tour card between multiple persons. The tickets are valid for all means of public transport in the respective zones, usually for one hour. To central Copenhagen you will need three zones (the standard fare is 30 DKK).

The website is operated by Danish rail and bus-companies and has an English section. It is very useful in figuring out how to get to and from places, and includes maps of the walking route to and from busstops/stations. 

Taxis are expensive, but very friendly and helpful if you're not sure where you want to go. Don't tip the drivers. They don't expect it as wages are good and the fares are already high, but according to locals, rounding up to the nearest 10DKK 'for a cup of coffee' is a nice gesture if the driver has been helpful. A taxi trip to central Copenhagen might cost around 180 DKK.

When you enter the arrival hall then look to the right to find the taxi exit.

 Beware that it will be almost impossible to get a taxi late Friday and Saturday night unless you get a 4* hotel to get one for you.

VIP and limousine transfers: You can rent a limo and hire a chauffeur for your transfer through the Copenhagen. It is a bit more expensive and luxurious but good thing is that you will know your price in advance, you just need to fill the form on the limo company site or call their number and they will give you the quote.