Nighttime is party time in Copenhagen. Stroll along Strøget to see musicians, magicians, and jugglers, or step into one of the many jazz clubs, beer houses, or restaurants. The Copenhagen JazzHouse, just off Strøget, hosts performances by both local and non-Danish jazz artists, and disco takes over after midnight. Loppen, in Christiania, is another good jazz spot. For big name performers, such as David Bowie, Björk, and Prince, check out Vega, or step into Cavi for some of the city’s best DJs playing R&B, funk, soul and hip-hop. If you can get by the doorman, there’s a dance floor, as well as secluded sofas and a large roof terrace. Den Røde Pimpernel is a great place for dining or dancing (not for youngsters), with a live band that plays dance music, but visitors will be inspected through a peephole before being invited in. A popular gay club is Catwalk, with a house DJ every night. For concerts you might also want to check Pumpehuset not far from Tivoli.

There are also lots of night clubs in Copenhagen.  Here are a few:

Australian Bar - Most commenly known as A-bar, and a favourite place of many teens. It has pool tables and foosball tables, and every Thursday they have a 10 kr. bar and Fridays they often start with live music before the club music starts. It's a very cosy club, and if you happen to pass Gammeltorv on your way there, you might be lucky enough to meet someone who gives out free tickets, as they often do to get new visitors. The dress code is "Come as you are! But be nice", and you're not allowed to wear streetwear, caps, sport shorts and you must have no visible tattoos. They open at 4 pm every day, and Thursday to Saturday the club part opens at 10 pm and closes at 5 am. Despite the name, you will most likely not meet any Australians there. The name refers to the interior which, amongst other things, has a fake alligator.

Café Norden - Very famous and touristy café/bar right in the middle of Copenhagen's main pedestrian street, Strøget. It's first floor is very nicely decorated, with comfy sofas and huge pillows. One of the bartenders are supposed to be a world champion. In bartending of course.

Club View - Also called NASA's little sister, same interior-theme, although less glamorous clientele. Situated at Rådhuspladsen, which is a pretty trashy area, but with a nice view and close to all the night busses. Recently changed name from Celcius to Club View, and decided to re-do the whole thing, calling itself "Denmark's hottest and best situated night club for people over the age of 30 (men) and 25 (women)". It is definitely worth visiting if you want to avoid all the drunk teenagers that go to other Copenhagen clubs.

Disko Dasko - A big night club with 2 dance floors, 3 bars, 4 floors and "chill out lounges". Almost always has the newest and biggest DJs, and pay a lot of attention to giving their guests a great time. Mostly plays house music and techno music, so if you like that kind of music it is definitely worth visiting Disko Dasko.

Den Glade Gris - It means the happy pig, and is more a bar than a club. It is partly a sports bar and shows many premier league, la liga and champions league matches on HD screens. Minimum age is 20 Friday and Saturday and you need picture ID, as you do in any other club. Situated very close to Runde Tårn and Nørreport Station, with a very cosy atmosphere. Every Tuesday they have Tequila Night, and every Thursday they have open mike nights, with some of the best Danish stand-up comedians and free entrance.

Heidi's Bier Bar - Situated only 100 m. from Rådhuspladsen, it's very easy to get to. Opens at 4 pm from Saturday to Thursday, and at 2 pm Friday. As the name says, they specialise in different beers, and have more than 30 different kinds from all over the world, so if you love beer and want to try some new kinds, Heidi's is the place to go. They also serve cocktails and shots.

Laurits Betjent - Every Thursday they have 17+ parties, with free beer and champagne from 10 pm to 2 am, and cheap bar all night. Of course, if you're younger than 18 they can only serve you Carlsberg 2,7% or sodas. Fridays there's open bar from 10 pm to 1 am. Entrance is cheap, the club has a cosy atmosphere and the dress code is 'no caps'. The people going there are often students, who get in half-price every Friday. They don't care about brand names and you don't have to be on a guest list, as you do to many other Copenhagen Clubs. Reserving a table would be a good idea, especially on open bar nights. It's in two floors, with one bar and a foosball table on the bottom and two bars and two dancefloors on first floor.

Park Nightclub - Exclusive club which tries to keep the younger people away. Friday minimum age is 21 and Saturday it's 23, Thursday it's only 18. It's one of the oldest clubs of Copenhagen, opening in 1992. The music is mostly R'n'B, soft soul, 90's hits and disco. The interior is very pretty and fits with the description 'Copenhagen's exclusive Night Club'. It's a multiclub, which means that it's not only a night club it's also a lounge, a restaurant and you can even rent rooms for private parties.

Rust concert venue and nightclub - Rust is a venue for live music, a nightclub with dj's and bar with great bartenders all in one. With its three floors each dedicated to different needs, and even an indoor smoking area, Rust caters to a wide selection of people. The venue has a broard music profile, a mixture of, rock, indie, urban and electronic. with several and different live acts playing at each opening night in a relaxed atmosphere. The minimum age for the nightclub is 20 and 18 for the early concerts (8-11pm). Opening hours friday and saturday from 8pm - 5am.

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If you're not quite sure which bar to go to, join a pubcrawl.  They run on the weekends and will hit several small locations in the center city. 

Gambling is also an option at Casino Copenhagen, from 2 p.m. to 4 a.m. Games include roulette, baccarat, black jack, and slot machines, and there are many cosy bars around Copenhagen with free entrance and live music.