The Copenhagen Opera House called "Operaen" is one of the world’s most modern opera houses. The $440 million, 1,700-seat opera house is home to the Royal Danish Opera while the Royal Danish Ballet's home is the old opera house "Det Kongelige Teater  - Gammel Scene" at the Kongens Nytorv (neighbour to Nyhavn). Sometimes the ballet performs at  "Operaen". During Copenhagen Jazz festival (see below for dates) several big concerts take place in "Operaen" (in 2006 for example Herbie Hancock).

And in Tivoli Gardens, the large open-air stage offers vaudeville acts, including tumbling clowns, acrobats and aerialists, as well as jazz, rock/pop concerts and folklore groups. At the 150-year-old outdoor Pantomime Theater, with its Chinese stage and peacock curtain, see 16 different commedia dell’arte productions. The Tivolis Koncertsal (concert hall) offers symphonies and operas by top artists and orchestras, led by famous conductors. Tivoli Glassalen is set in a century-old octagonal gazebo-like building with a glass canopy, with shows comprising comedic/satirical performances by Danish comedians—in Danish mostly, but around Christams the "Crazy Christmas Cabaret" is going on stage in English. But is also used for concerts, for example during Copenhagen Jazz festival (every year starting the first Friday of July and then going on the next 10 days)