The island of Sjælland (Sealand), on which Copenhagen is situated, has a wealth of sights and attractions, which are easily accessible through one of the many organised bus tours. These trips will add greatly to your memories and understanding more about Danes and their land.

Here you find a selection of excursions.

  1. Dragør
    Not far from the city lies the idyllic port of Dragør with it's own very particular architecture and airy green areas.

  2. Hamlet tour
    Visit the Bastions of Hamlet?s Castle while you enjoy countryside outside of Copenhagen.

  3. Castle tour
    See the many palaces north of Copenhagen.

  4. Viking tour
    Follow the footsteps of the Vikings on a historical trip to Roskilde.

  5. Malmö & Lund
    Take the bridge and be in Sweden within 30 minutes

  6. Boat trip to Hven
    Ninety minutes away you come to a peaceful and quiet environment with many possibilities