Cafe Opera - a great bar. Yes, the bouncers can be picky about who they let in. And yes, there are people in there with an attitide the size of a small country. But forget about that, stand back, and enjoy the friendly Swedish people, the good drinks and the excellent surroundings.

Best bet is to get there before 11pm. After that it's an exersize in queueing. If you're Bristish, then be prepared for the way people just barge into you. It's not personal and the Swedes mean nothing by it. So relax, or it will only wind you up. Look on the bright side, half of those people barging past will be tall, attractive and exactly the type of people you want brushing past you.

Cafe Opera itself is a great place to meet people,dance and enjoy the evening. Just don't look at the price you are paying for alcohol. A pint of beer - £5.00. You want a gin and tonic? That'll be £12.00. But don't worry, it's worth it.

If you're a smoker, remember that Sweden has banned smoking indoors. Cafe Opera has an outdoor tented village for those who cannot wait.

Finally, whether you're a bloke or lady, you'll find people who are very pleasing on the eyeball. 

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