Stockholm is a city which is easy to get around, so travelers can enjoy a variety of methods of seeing Stockholm throughout their stay there.  Travelers interested in exploring the city center, Gamla Stan and Djugarden, are encouraged to do so via walking or biking, as this is convenient and is an excellent method of taking the time to see the buildings and historic sites in that area.  Travelers interested in seeing the more outlying areas in Stockholm can  also do so via bike or public transport, as Stockholm is a very bike-friendly city, with bike paths throughout most areas.

Stockholm is a relatively flat city and most tourist attractions food and shopping are within 2km of Central Station. If one is only moderately fit,  this is a good option. Even with only 3 or 4 hours one can see most of Gamla Stan and even get a quick trip through a museum.  Many  cruise ships dock with in a 10 minute walk from central and Gamla Stan  However,   If one is arriving with a cruise ship at Frihamen it is  about 4 km to Gamla Stann but closer to Djurgarden,  

 The public transportation system in Stockholm is easy to navigate and used often by tourists.  The busses, trains and subway system are all operated by Lokaltrafik ( ).  The fastest method of travel is the subway system (known as Tunnelbana).  This is a method preferred by travelers for saving time, but it runs underground so travelers using this as a mode of transportation do not get the benefit of seeing the sights around them as they travel. If one is going to make more than 3 trips in a day, a 24 or 72 hour card is  economical than single trip tickets.

Renting a bike is  only an easy option if visiting from April 1 to October 31. Stockholm city bikes cost 250 SEK to rent, but this gives a 3 day pass to use the bikes.  They are available from April 1 to October 31. The Djugarden has its own cycle renting system, that is free if one has a valid transport card, or 10 SEK for a 3 day pass. This is one of the best deals in Stockholm. There are other places to rent cycles, but three hours will cost almost as much as the city bike 3 day pass card. ( 

Travelers can also opt to rent a car in Stockholm or to take taxis around the area.  One should always check the price before taking a taxi as there are many taxi scams, look on trip advisor for Stockholm taxi scams. If renting a car be aware than nearly every where one has to pay to park a car and it can be quite expensive and inconvenient.   More information on these options is available online at .