Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden with approx 180000 people living here, 30000 of whome are students. This fact alone makes Uppsala one of the most popular places in Sweden to study in. The university here and its front-line cutting-edge research departments in the most various areas also make Uppsala a city that is popular with small advanced startup companies (which many times are based on innovations straight from the lab). Several has to date become big enough to make it internationally.

Uppsala is however not only about the university and studying. Its history goes back maybe about a thousand years, in the time of vikings. This was then a place for a pagan temple and worshipping of the asa-gods, and was a big centre  for religion. Later commerce became a major area of interest, and with it the roots of what was to become the Kingdom of Sweden. All that more or less started here.

Uppsala is located about 70 km north of Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. Many people live in Uppsala and commute to Stockholm. Some of them because living is cheaper in Uppsala. 8-)

As culture goes the main attraction and pride are the gothic cathedral from the 14th century, the castle and other architectural objects. Other places of interest is Linné's botanical garden. Linné is the well-known naturalist, and is most known for starting to systematically classify plant and animal species. Something that is still in use today. Shopping is abundant, as well as nature. Uppsala is one of the cities in the world that has a primeval forrest in the city itself, Stadsskogen!

You really have to be here to enjoy it. As many students, I have chosen to remain in Uppsala, becuase the athosphere is very international and full of energy.