There are a few main neighbourhoods in Uppsala. Most notable is the inner-city with the eye-catching spires of the 14th-century gothic cathedral, the castle and the Carolina Rediviva, the university library featuring for example the several hundred years old "Silver Bible", acquired as a spoil of war in the 17th century wars in Europe, while Sweden was still a superpower to be reconned with. There are also the the shopping malls, the museums and the old as well as modern architecture. The many restaurants and pubs are not to be forgotten either. Tradition and culture paired with modern shopping basically.

Stenhagen, Boländerna and Gränby has big malls as well as residential areas.  Your general suburbs.

Luthagen, Kåbo, Svartbäcken and Norby are residential areas with both high-rises and villas, traditionally considered "upper class" areas. Kåbo and Norby are close to or nearby to one of the few forrest-in-a-city in the world; Stadsskogen is considered to be a national preservation area and a primeval forrest with some rare plant and frog species. Kåbo and Norby are two of the most attractive areas in Uppsala and therefore also the pricyest. Only the inner-city residential areas are more attractive.

Eriksberg and Ekeby are middle-class residential areas and heavily favoured by young couples with or without children. Eriksberg is close to both Stadsskogen and BMC, the Uppsala Biomedical Centre (where yours truly work), which is part of the Uppsala University and the centre itself.

Sävja is a rather newish suburb and is expected to grow more in the years to come, as it's close to Boländerna and the malls there, as well as the nearby E4, one of the main highways in Sweden, the nerve really, extending north and south of Stockholm and passing Uppsala.

Gottsunda was for years considered to be the bad-boy of suburbs in Uppsala, but is now slowly getting better, and is often being favored by young couples and singles, as well as students at the university, by being affordable for both.

The Gamla Uppsala ("Old Uppsala") suburb is probably most well-known for its burial mounds from the Viking Era. Gamla Uppsala also hosts the "Gamla Uppsala Historical Museum".