The Weather in Uppsala

Uppsala does not have weather, it has Weather. This is going to be a rather subjective little love-hate article about the Weather in Uppsala. FWIW, you can go to Uppsala any time of the year, but the summer and spring is recommended; it's then when Uppsala really shines (no pun intended).


This city has one of the most unforgiving climates in Sweden IMO.

The spring is what wakes up Uppsala after a long winter. Suddenly the snow is gone and sun peeks out. Ppl are getting cheerier, birds tweet and chirp like crazy and life is generally good. Unless you suffer from pollen allergies, that is. Uppsala is by far the worst place I've seen so far with regard to pollen. It's like "whoof", and suddenly there's tons of pollen in the air and everywhere. Forget keeping your car clean - no matter what colour your car or bike or whatever, if it's been out during the spring, it'll be yellow when you come back out for it. When it rains (that soft spring rain type when it really smells in the air like spring) the runoff-water is yellow with pollen. An american friend of mine says he's never seen anything like it, as he's a farmerboy from the beginning. Weird... Temperatures range from -5 degree celsius to 15. It can snow in may.

The summers are usually warm, sometime rainy and cloudy, but basically warm. Nothing much to say about that really. Very green everywhere. The late summers in october and thereabouts can be really hot and humid. Temp ranges from 5 degrees celsius to 30.

The autumns you don't really see that often really. If it weren't for the yellow leaves on the trees, you'd think it's winter already, with frosty mornings, and cursing when you realise you forgot the gloves when you take the bike to work. And of course all motorist are so surprised that the roads are slippery with frost, and sometimes ice, when they find themselves in the ditch. Like if this hasn't happened before ever...

The winter is another matter though...The winters are icingly cold with temp ranges from -5 degrees celsius and down to -30, with cold winds that still somehow manages to blow straight through all of the layers of your clothing; the quilted jacket, the fleece sub-isolation, the fleece-west, the sweater and the t-shirt. And when you cycle to work, it always blows against you. You hope the wind'll changed when you're going home again, but find that it still blows against you. If you try to take another way, to sort of circumwent it, and at least get a side-wind home, it will still somehow blow you back towards work.

If that's not enough, then the Snow comes (down hard). Over-night it will have come so much snow the traffic will be paralysed for a few days. When you realise you couldn't possibly take the bike to work anymore, for this season at least, you decide for the car. When you get to the garage you find that the car has been snowed in with wind-blown snow, so you go back to your house or appartment to get a shovel. After twenty minutes you've managed to dig it free, and you're finally off to work, only to realise you haven't put on the snowtires yet, so you slip and slide your way to work with your heart in your throat. The ride takes about 30 minutes, a usually 4 minute bike-ride in the spring, summer and autumn... By the time you're going home again after work, the snow will have melted and it's all slush. Next morning when you go for the car, you'll find it plowed in by the snowploughs during the night. Out comes the handy shovel again. The previously melted snow-slush from yesterday, has now converted the streets to regular icerinks. And the tires that you still haven't had time to change makes for a slow progress to work, but you're getting the hang of the Art of Drifting. At least the community has now poured out tons of sand to help with the slippery streets. Too bad the sand will have sunk down in the slush till the afternoon. Repeat cycle until spring, but at least you will have changed to the winter tires really soon.

The Mid- to South-Italian colleagues at work are mesmerized by the snow. Me, I really love to hate the Uppsala Weather.