The best method for getting around Helsinki is public transportation.  In fact, public transportation in Helsinki was rated number two in all of Europe in 2003.  The trams are a popular method by which travelers get from one destination to another while seeing many of the major tourist attractions.  Busses, trains, ferries and the metro system are also all popular public transportation options.  Busses are the least expensive method of getting around and so are highly favored by tourists who are traveling around Helsinki on a budget.  More information about the public transportation options in Helsinki is located at .  Unlimited travel on all public transportation is available with the Helsinki Card.  More information about the Helsinki Card is available at .

 You can also buy a Helsinki Area Travel card from the Tourist Office or Main Metro Stations, these give unlimited travel for a set number of days (e.g. €12 for 3 days) on all trams, buses and metro - it also covers the Suomenlinna ferry.

Travelers who wish to supplement public transportation with other methods of getting around Helsinki have several options to choose from.   Helsinki is a healthy city in which it is common for people to walk and bike to many locations.   Geographically, Helsinki is fairly compact, and it is also a very safe city, so visitors should feel comfortable walking to most destinations.   Additionally, the city is paved with bike paths throughout which makes biking a convenient option for travelers.

Additional information on getting around Helsinki can be found at .