Visitors interested in enjoying the performing arts while in Helsinki can choose from the opera, the orchestra or live theater in either Finnish or Swedish depending upon their performing arts preferences.

The Finnish National Opera ( ) is known internationally not only for their opera but also for their ballet performances.  Performance season is from September through June, so visitors traveling to Helsinki in the busy summer months will most likely only be able to catch a show if they plan their trip at the beginning of the summer.

The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra ( is located at Finlandia Hall, a beautiful venue made of Italian marble which is just a short walk from the center of town.  Concerts begin nightly at seven from September through May.

Visitors whose performing arts preferences lean more towards live plays have two options, but they are forewarned that neither performance will be in English.  The Finnish National Theater is the preferred option for most Helsinki visitors who want to get a sense of the local arts in Helsinki.  The venue is more than one hundred years old and worth visiting even by travelers who are not going to see a play there.   The other play option is the Swedish Theater, located in the center of the city, with Swedish plays running from September through May.