In recent years, Helsinki has become an exciting new travel destination for many travellers.  With influences from several cultures, its architecture, excellent museums, scenic waterways and own unique relaxed atmosphere, it has something different to other European cities.  But Helsinki is not a true representation of Finland , and it’s best to get out of the capital to see some of the real Finland .

Some places that can be visited in 1 day:

  • Porvoo
  • A beautiful old medieval city with the old town built on a small hill next to a river.  This is one of the most popular destinations for a day trip from Helsinki and you can get there by bus or by steamship (although the steamship is very slow!). Unfortunately, because it is very popular it is also crowded during the high season.

  • Turku
  • The original capital and oldest city in Finland with the beautiful river Aura flowing though it.  There is a lot of history in Turku, you can visit places like the cathedral, castle, archeology museum, and the outdoor folk museum.  Turku is also a university town, and has a lot of café’s and unique pubs that are worth a visit. Trains and busses between Turku and Helsiniki run through out the day, it takes onlu 2 hours from Helsinki.

  • Sibelius’s Home
  • Jean Sibelius was Finland ’s most important composer, and wrote pieces such as Finlandia.  Nowadays his Villa ‘Ainola’ on the shore of Lake Tuusula is an excellent place to visit for a day trip. You can take a bus from Kamppi Busterminal to get close to Ainola. The bus stop is about 200 meters from the house

Helsinki Expert and Rudolph Tours do not have daytrips to these destinations any more. Helsinki Expert can arrange guides by request.

Other day trips:

 Several boat companies operate cruises around Helsinki, which take you through the archipelago. While the Helsinki archipelago is admittedly not as stunning as the Turku archipelago, it is still unique and has large numbers of beautiful islands. 



If you are in Finland for slightly longer, you should consider taking a trip to Tallinn. It is a beautiful city and can be comfortably visited in one day with a boat. Boat cruises start at about 25 euros both ways (special offers).  While waiting for the Tallinn boat, you may want to visit Helsinki's largest sightseeing terrace with real MiG-21BIS fighter located opposite to the terminal.