Hafnarfjörður Museum 

For some reason this little folk museum collection seems to get overlooked by the main tour operators who appear keen to whisk you out of town to the steaming geysers and waterfalls.

If you are a cruise ship passenger with a couple of hours to kill, this spot is perfect and an easy walk or short cab ride from the wharf. It really is a kind of historic micro-district with restored, preserved and recreated buildings that hark back to a time when this area was a hive of activity and commerce.

Once the hub for Iceland's fleet of little fishing vessels, the displays recall that era of Reykjavik's history when these streets would have been alive with mongers and merchants plying their trade. Make sure you see all six buildings and the interpretive displays on the strand.

If you are pressed for time, go straight for The Warehouse (pakkhusid) where you can follow a timeline of local history cleverly displayed with artefacts and relics. Fans of the cable TV show 'Pickers' will be in their element. For visitors to Reykjavik with children, this could be a more practical option as there is plenty for them to see (like the toy collection) instead of a lengthy and bumpy coach ride out into the stark countryside. If recalled correctly, admission is free, but check the website. Times are typically 1100-1700hrs and open days vary for high and low seasons.