It is a terrible feeling arriving in a foreign country, not knowing  what is what!

When you arrive in Malta at  the airport or the sea port ( Valletta Waterfront Pier) you will find taxi stands or a taxi bay at first hand , outside the arrivals lounge and at the shipside. The local taxis are painted all white with a "Taxi"sign on the roof and their registration code number on the side of the doors of the passenger and drivers side.  They also have stands outside the larger hotels , in Valletta , Sliema Ferries and Spinola Bay , Mdina main gate , Bugibba St Pauls Bay square  and in the popular  resorts.

Malta also has Black Taxis.  The difference is that the black taxis are operated by garages with a fleet of taxis .  They are not allowed to cruise to pick up fares.  You have to contact the garage or hire company by phone/email or personally for them to arrange to pick you up. They have fixed prices for set distances but White taxis are far more common,  more expensive and the drivers  have to use the meter if not prepaid from the airport or shipside.

Taxi fares range in price to different locations, but all local "public white taxis" should charge you with the standard rate. Private sector taxis may differ in price so fish around and you may  find a bargain.  When no competitors are around bargaining is more difficult, so you may find it useful to do some reasearch online before your arrival and have some taxi or chauffeur companies in mind.

White taxis or Black cabs can also offer the service of touring people round the island at preagreed prices per hour . 

At the airport and the waterfront cruise line terminal,  there is a 24/7 booth from which you may buy tickets from, to board taxis at a standard rate .  Rates are given according to the number of hours the taxi is booked, or by destination distance, up to 4 passengers per taxi and reasonable luggage.

This site gives the standard charges for a taxi which can be shared by up to 4 persons

Taxi companies are reliable and complaints are rare (as long as you agree the price in advance) 

All the taxi companies usually also have mini vans which are  more economical if you are in a large group.

Below is a list of taxi companies that can be contacted.  It is not an officially published list  , and is open to change by the car hire companies and other parties, who occasionally attempt to put their link at the top of the list .

It is in ALPHABETICAL  order , and does not show any ranking . Use your intelligence to choose the best deal by asking for quotes and comparing services and prices offered , from more than one company , before you arrive at the airport or seaport. Normally Prices vary from 20 to 25 euros per trip for a personal taxi for up to 4 persons , or 6  to 10 euros per person per trip in shared transport in a minivan or taxi stopping at different hotels .

Hope you have a wonderful stay