The climate on the Island of Malta is very similar to the climate in the rest of the Mediterranean area of the world. The days tend to be warm and the sun shines at least for a short time  almost all year round. While the daily temperatures can range from hot to cool depending on the season, the Island sees tourists during every month of the year.

The average temperature in Malta can be considered mild during the winter months Some cold days between December and February in the region of 8 or 9 degrees celcius. On a Sunny day it can still be pleasant to sit in a cafe or on a bench along a Promenade.  In actual fact, on most days you can sit in an al fresco cafe even during winter.  It`s hot during the summer months. During the winter, the air can be crisp and cool and the winds can produce days that are chilly.

During the summer months mid-July to mid-September , the Island of Malta can be very hot so if you are not ready for temperatures of 36 degrees...... ........It`s OK if you intend spending the days by a pool or on the beach and go to dine , to a bar or club, or just for a walk by the sea in the evening.  Many tourists manage to go sight seeing but it most be exhausting for those not used to the heat. Luckily, because of the location of the Island , there are often nice breezes that slightly cool the area and give locals as well as tourists a slight break from the heat.  

During the spring and fall, the temperatures in Malta can become hot and humid, but the island does not see very much rain at any time during the year.  June and September are probably the best months to visit with an average of 30 degrees.

In the spring, the weather is quite warm and balmy, requiring a t-shirt with a cardigan tied round your waist, the afternoons are quite hot but late evenings are quite chilly requiring a light jacket or jumper.  For sightseeing, this temperature is better as you can do a lot more walking about which is very invigorating with the sea breeze and you can see a lot more in comparison with a hot July holiday where the heat is nearly unbearable. Temperatures in late March are 19 - 17 degrees with quite strong sea breeze which can cool things down a little. 

Because of the weather on the Island of Malta , tourists visit to sunbathe almost all year long - except for some of the coolest winter months. So, the height of tourist season normally lasts from March until October.  However, a number of tourists from colder countries do come to Malta, often for a longer stay, to avoid the hard ship of their winters.