Most of the tourists on the Island of Malta do not leave their vacation without buying something that was handmade here. Some of the favourite types of items that are often purchased by tourists are pieces of original pottery, beautiful blown glass, unique woven items, and items made of copper and brass.

The most popular items that are sold on the Island of Malta are those made of gold and silver filigree. The residents of Malta are also skilled at making handmade lace, which is another popular item purchased by visitors.

There are craft centers on the Island of Malta where all of these unique and handmade items can be purchased. However, there are also shopping centers and small shops where tourists always enjoy browsing.

The normal business hours for stores in Malta are nine in the morning until seven at night with some stores closing between 1pm & 4pm for 'siesta'. However, some stores hours can vary. Stores that are located near to the most popular tourist areas may stay open until ten at night.

There are different sales tax rates on the Island of Malta. There is a tax called the "Value-Added Tax," also known as, "VAT." Certain items qualify for this tax, which can be as high as 18 percent. More information about VAT is located on the Government of Malta’s website.

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