The Faroe Islands are a self-governing territory under Danish sovereignty; the issue of possible independence is a long-running political issue in the islands. The main points of entry are Vagar Airport (the islands' only airport) and the Port of Torshavn for passengers on the Smyril Line ferry from Denmark or Iceland.

Entry requirements for the Faroe Islands are broadly the same as for Denmark. Citizens of European Union (and other countries with visa-free entry to Denmark) do not need a visa to enter the Faroe Islands for short visits. Full information can be obtained from any Danish Embassy. If you do need a visa, it must be obtained from a Danish Embassy and must be specifically marked as being valid for the Faroe Islands - a general visa for Denmark is not sufficient. More details are available at (then click on the link to the English version).

The Faroe Islands are not fully part of the EU. If you wish to work on the Faroe Islands, note that work permits are normally required for all non-Faroese people. Details are available at

Animals may not be brought to the Faroe Islands. See the website of Heilsufrøðiliga starvsstovan (Faroese Food and Veterinary Agency):