Húsið uttan Ánna - The House by the River

Sandvík is the northernmost village in Suduroy. You can find a traditonal old house there, which was built in 1866 and is kept in the traditional style. People lived there until the last family moved to Tórshavn in late 20th century. The foundation is made by Faroese rocks and the house is built by wood. The house has turfed roof. Inside the house one can see how the Faroese houses were in the old days. There are old items from the household etc. and one of the first stoves of its kind in the Faroe Islands. Travellers who wish to visit the museum can arrange it by calling or writing to the Tourist Information in Tvøroyri, phone: +298 611080 or e-mail: info@tvoroyri.fo

Museum in Sandvik, Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

An Old Stove, Item from the Museum in Sandvik, Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

Items from the old days in Sandvik, used for making milk to cream and wool to yarn.