Limassol  travel information can be found in spades via the official Cyrpus travel website, Visit Cyrpus. Here you can plan your trip, learn about the area in general, and get information about events and highlights in the general Cyprus area.

For a variety of other information, head for the Cyprus travel page here. Click on the “Limassol” link to not only read about attractions but to see pictures of them as well. There are also general directions to each site and some of the basic history of each site is provided as well.

While it’s useful to have “official” travel information at your fingertips via official websites and the like, you can find a lot of what you need at less traditional spots, like the local newspaper or even by calling an embassy. Don’t overlook places like Tripadvisor, where real travelers offer their experiences and opinions about a variety of hotels and destinations in Limassol and elsewhere.

For example, you won’t read on an official tourist website, “ evening entertainment was slighlty boring but there are plenty of bars about 15-20mins walk from the hotel.”   That’s the type of inside information you can get from people who have really been there and are viewing Limassol from a visitor’s perspective.