"The "Green Line" is the dividing line between southern Greek Cyprus and northern Turkish Cyprus. The Venetians built a rounded wall around Nicosia in the [16th?] century and the Green Line -- the line that the Turks and Greek Cypriots fought down to in the war -- divides it, running from one side to the other, west to east.

You can start on the west side about two blocks north of the Holiday Inn City Centre. As you walk along the Green Line you can see buildings that were bombed or shot up during the conflict. You pass several Greek Cypriot army posts, still manned by polite young men mostly talking on cell phones. You pass recently abandoned UN buildings and outposts. It's fascinating. You may not know that there is a "no mans' land" that can run several blocks wide, So, there are blocks and blocks of businesses and houses where the people left and never came back. At several places you can peer several blocks down a street that runs into no mans' land and just seems to run into an older, by-gone time. It's interesting to note how far or, in some places, how very close the Greek Cypriot flagpoles are to the Turkish Cypriot flagpoles.

Plus, it's wonderful to see recent renovation projects near the Green Line. And, now that you can easily pass into the northern side, you can walk along the "flipside" of what you've seen on the southern side. The point is not to stress war and conflict, but this is some thing that happened in this life time. So you may find it fascinating to see the vestiges -- and, perhaps, the fruitlessness -- of conflict.

Plus, Nicosia is a fascinating place overall, and this is just one way to experience it.