By car:  Many travelers opt to rent cars upon arrival at the airport and to use driving as a means of getting around.  This is generally the preferred method for reaching most destinations within Paphos.  Additional information about arrival is online at ; additional information about rental cars is online at .

By motorcycle:   Travelers sometimes find that renting a motorcycle is less expensive and more efficient than renting a car.   Travelers who are in Paphos on solo trips or couples who are traveling together often use motorcycles instead of cars to save on both gas and rental costs.   Visitors who use this option are reminded that helmets should be worn at all times.

By bus:  Public transportation in Paphos is via bus.  For travelers who do not choose to rent a car for their stay, this is the basic means of getting around.  Travelers will find that the bus can sometimes be inconvenient but is generally a safe and inexpensive method of getting around.  Additional information is available at .

By taxi:   There are two types of taxis in Paphos; service taxis and private taxis.   The former can be used by big groups travelers together or by individuals who do not mind getting rides with strangers.   The latter are slightly more expensive but still cost efficient.   They run all throughout the day and night making them especially efficient for visitors seeking transportation from nightlife spots.