Paphos is known for its beaches during the day and its lively nightlife scene at night. The strip is known by the locals as Agiou Antoniou but known by tourists as either Bar Street or Nightlife Street. Paphos is not unlike Ayia Napa or Zante however, it is slightly quieter and the strip is smaller. Other than that it is a great night out. The strip does not get busy until about 8/9PM so visiting before then is not advised. As you walk along the harbour, to get to the strip, you will often be stopped by club reps trying to get you into their club. If it is your first night go with them as they will show you around the strip and might even get you a good offer. After visiting their club move around and visit another club. You're sure to find one that you enjoy and will visit time and time again! Below are some of Bar Street's top bars and clubs

  • Flairs is the bar and dance club favored by the ladies who enjoy being flattered by the adorable bar staff and the men who enjoy flirting with the ladies down there. Flairs was also recently featured in Series Three, Episode Seven of SSSP (A British reality show on BBC3 that follows teenagers on their first holiday without their parents). Follow them on Twitter for updates @FlairsBarPaphos
  • Boogies offers a karaoke night. One of only a few karaoke bars on the strip Boogies offers a fun night out with cheap drinks and great bar staff. Boogies is one of only a few bars that stays open until 4AM on week nights. For updates search 'Boogies Karaoke & Disco Club' on Facebook.
  • AMNESIA CLUB (use to be Rainbow Disco) has been fully renovated and now is the place to go for dancing when everything else is starting to close down. AMNESIA CLUB also hold 'Wet Shirt' competitions. One thing to note about AMNESIA CLUB is that sometimes they charge an entrance fee and sometimes they do not. It depends on the night. 
  • Robin Hood is a dance club which has a different type of music each night of the week to meet everyone’s dancing needs.
  • Notorious Bar opened in 2013 and has built up a very good reputation. You can easily get a very good deal in there. The staff are lovely and not too pushy unlike some of the other bars on the strip. The bar itself is also decorated so a very high standard which is what gets the tourists in. The 'famous' colour changing 'Notorious' sign is also very eye catching. Follow Notorious on Twitter @BarNotorious
  • Linekers Bar offers friendly staff and outstanding music. Linekers also have a club jeep which they drive round in during the day to promote the club. Linekers is the only club on the strip to offer weekly party boats (Booze Cruises).Follow them on Twitter for updates @LinekersPaphos
  • Splash is slightly different from most of the clubs on Bar Street. Splash is the only club that has a pool, right in the centre of the club. Throughout the season Splash hosts many pool and foam parties. Just look out for the posters advertising the events around Paphos.
  • Tropical Night's is probably one of the best night clubs on the strip. The club is themed like a tropical bar and they serve many drinks around this theme. They also do the famous 'Yard of Beer' or 'Yard of Cocktail' which is very popular with the tourists. Follow them on Twitter for updates @Tropicalnights2

 There is also vibes an underground club that charges an entrance fee of 5-10 for men except for women enter for free at all times  but if you get there at or before 2am you can get a free entrance flyer