Paphos in its entirety is like one big museum, with rich bits of history around every corner.  However, the specific known history of Paphos ( ) is commemorated in numerous museums which travelers often find to be both interesting and educational.  Some of those places which should be explored by Paphos visitors include:

  • Byzantine Museum – This museum highlights the history of the area from the twelfth through the eighteenth century, exploring the influence of Byzantine rule on Paphos culture.
  • Churches and Basilicas – These make up a huge portion of the history of Paphos.  Some of the ones which should not be missed include the Theoskepasti Church which is an example of a twentieth century religious building in Paphos, the Panayia Chrysopolitissa Church which highlights the Byzantine religious period and the Limeniotissa Basilica which dates al the way back to the fifth century.
  • Ethnographical Museum – This museum outlines the history of the people of the area, beginning in ancient times and continuing all the way through to the people making local history there today.
  • Paphos District Archaeological Museum – This museum is the one offering the most extensive historical exploration of the land surrounding Paphos.
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