Jimmy'z Monte-Carlo quite an experience from the moment you walk through the large doors (with the burley doorman who won't let you in if he dosn't like the look of you).

The large dance floor is surrounded with tables and seating, but only sit at a table if you want to pay 300 euros for either a bottle of vodka or a bottle of champers (and there were plenty of well healed young people doing just that). Lots of the tables were already reserved  - a sure way of getting through the door!

There are no windows - you look out onto the water feature area which has lights that light up to the beat of the disco. 

There are 3 main areas: one for sitting next to the bar, which is over a small bridge, the dance floor and another bar area.

Everyone enjoys themselves dancing on the floor and dancing on the tables! Quite a place!

No entrance fee but drinks are 26 euros each so unless you are rich, or can sip your drinks, you will find it an expensive evening.