Monte Carlo is not all about Hollywood, car races and casinos. The traveler who is interested in art and culture will find some museums and attractions that don't fall into the usual categories.

Monte Carlo National Museum consists of a collection of dolls and automats manufactured in Paris in the 19th century. What makes the exhibition enchanting is the miniature furniture and appliances that create the setting for the dolls. Adults pay 6 Euros and kids, 4. It is located at 17, Av Prince Grace.

Not in Monte Carlo but in the northern neighborhood of Monaco-Ville, at the Palais du Prince or Prince’s Palace the visitor will experience the intimate history of Grimaldi’s family, one of Europe's oldest royal dinasties. You can walk along the majestic rooms or you can join one of the three to four-hour guided tours. One of the highlights of the visit is the changing of guards at 11:15.

In the Exotic Gardens, visitors can enjoy a natural but fantastic environment made only of exotic plants. They are mostly cactus that feature flowers with unbelievable colors.