Most tourist like to conform to the customs of a place. The following are just a few of those things for Vienna:


  • Be careful of pickpockets active in the area of St. Stephen's Cathedral (Vienna) and on crowded streetcars (trams) and subways (U-bahn)  Some work in pairs or sometimes in threes. Some organized bands have been known to use children, too, in their work.
  • Stand to the right on an escalator in the U-bahn or elsewhere. Let those in a hurry go on the left.
  • Let those getting off public transport depart before trying to get on.
  • Observe seating in public transport designated for the blind, old, sick, pregnant etc. A decal next to these seats, which are usually next to the door, will identify them.
  • Observe "Keep off the Grass" where signs request it. Keep the place green for the next visitor.
  • Buy a ticket for public transport. While it is an honor system, inspections do occur. Inspectors have heard every excuse known to man and will still give you a high fine.
  • Use facilities to check coats at events.
  • Get smartly dressed for the concerts and operas or clubs and fine dining restaurants.
  • Expect to pay a small sum (50 cents) to use some restroom facilities.
  • Expect to pay cash for services in small restaurants and hotels.
  • Watch where you walk. Vienna has many dogs; they leave their greetings in many places.
  • Let old Viennese ladies move in front of you everywhere -- if not, they will probably push their way in front anyway -- a tradition.
  • Tip the waiters/waitress after your meals; not necessarily 10% of the total but you can round up to the nearest Euro.
  • Expect to be chased out of the shops 5 minutes before closing time.


  • Expect Austrians (and Europeans in general, except the British) to respect the custom of waiting your turn in line. People will sometimes try to push past you, but a stern look right in the eyes is enough for them to retreat and needs no translation. 
  • Expect everyone to speak English.
  • Expect every place to have air-conditioning.
  • Expect ice water
  • Expect English-language menus in all places. Your waiter can usually explain everything.
  • Expect to find diet drinks and non-smoking areas everywhere.
  • Expect waiters to bring your bill after eating. They will present it only when you ask. Many here will sit for some minutes talking after finishing a meal.
  • Expect stores to be open late evenings or Sundays; on weekdays, most stores close at 6:00 pm (except in the 1st District) and on Sundays, all stores are closed.
  • Make noise after 10 pm (except on New Year's Eve!).