Austria is a country that is developed and has a stable government. Visitors arriving in Austria must show a valid passport, and more information about this can be found at, which is the website for the Austrian Embassy.

The U.S Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs has stated that Austria is a country that is relatively safe for tourists. The country does not have any known or high-risk terrorist activity, although due to the fact that it has open boarders with most of its neighboring countries, there is always a risk of terrorists easily entering Austria .

One of the highest-risk activities in terms of safety in Austria is the possibility of getting hurt while skiing or participating in winter sports. Many deaths have occurred from skiers who have not paid attention to rules and crossed into off-limits ski areas. Doing this has caused catastrophic and deadly avalanches. In order to avoid such occurrences, visitors must abide by the rules and not leave designated ski areas.

The overall crime rate in Austria is not high. However, tourists are always easy targets for small-time criminals because it’s likely that tourists are walking around with a lot of cash in their wallets or purses. Therefore, it’s important to remain “street smart” and be careful with personal items.