There are many, many websites dedicated to promoting tourism in Tirol . There are also several websites that contain personal recounts of vacations spent in the area – which include recommendations on where to stay, what to do at night, where to shop, and how to get from place to place.

There are two websites that are more “official” in regard to providing information for potential visitors. Those two websites are: the Welcome to Tirol website and the Tourist Association of Meran, Tirol and Algund.

The “ Welcome to Tirol ” website is quite extensive in the information it contains. There are details about where to stay, vacation packages that can be purchased, events, festivals, information about outdoor activities (including skiing), weather reports, and local attractions.

The “ Tourist Association of Meran, Tirol and Algund” is another website full of information for potential tourists. Included is information about dining, musical events, how to get from the airport to a hotel, where to shop, and other tourist-related tidbits.

By searching on the internet using the word “ Tirol ,” many websties will pop up which contain a lot of useful information. The only problem is that some of them are not written in English, and some do not provide an option for translating them.

Here is a link to some tourist information about the Austrian Province - Tyrol (Tirol).