Due to the high elevation Kitzbühel features a generally mild climate. The alpine resorts can often be quite sunny year round; much sunnier in fact than the valleys were the fog tends to settle.

Winters in Kitzbühel can be chilly and at times downright cold, but that’s to be expected of a true ski resort. This shouldn’t be a turn off however, and once you’re on the slopes you can warm up quickly. If that doesn’t work there is always a roaring fire and a cup of hot coco!

Summers are never hot, or at least seldom so. Daytime temperatures can get into the upper 80s at times but even this is rare. However, as with the winter the sun can be extremely intense year round so be sure to plain accordingly and wear plenty of sunscreen. Temperatures do drop fast once the sun goes down. The high attitude makes for summer evenings that can almost feel like those of early spring or fall in other parts of Europe.

The late fall is generally wetter and this with cold temperatures brings the snow that turns the area from the lush green hills to an area blanketed in thick white snow.