Imperial Apartments

The Imperial Apartments are located in the Hofburg Palace and these are open to the public. It shows where the Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Elisabeth lived with their children. In the apartments one can see the office of the Emperor Franz Joseph and his bedroom, and also the bedroom and exercise room of his wife Elisabeth.


On the same ticket one can also see the Silver Collection and the Sisi Museum.

The Silver Collection contains the Imperial Silver Collection, silver used in the Habsburg monarchy. The collection is very extensive and includes a wonderful collection of porcelain also. The Milan Centerpiece  shows gold plates and art objects in an impressive display. The porcelain collection includes beautiful porcelain from China and Japan.

The Sisi Museum has six rooms that explore the unique personality of the Empress Elisabeth, known as Sisi. It contains dresses, portraits, and jewelry. Sisi had a cult of beauty and had a strict diet and was obsessive with her exercise.