1. Café Schwarzenberg 1.Kärntner Ring 17 
  2. Café Landtmann 1. Dr Karl Lueger-Ring 4
  3. Café Sperl 6. Gumpendorferstr. 11
  4. Café Prückel 1. Stubenring
  5. 24 Diglas - two branches, on the Wollzeile or on the Fleischmarkt (the side towards the main postoffice)   

Menu tips


  • Biedermeier Kaffee: big espresso with apricot liquer and whipped cream
  • Brauner, klein oder groß: espresso with cream, small or large
  • Einspänner: black coffee or espresso, served in a glass with whipped cream topping
  • Fiaker: espresso with Rum or Cognac, served in a glass with whipped cream topping
  • Kaffee verkehrt: very light coffee, more milk than coffee
  • Kaisermelange: espresso mixed with egg yolk, honey/sugar
  • Maria Theresia: espresso with a bit of orange liqueur
  • Melange: half espresso, half hot milk, served with milk foam
  • Verlängerter: an espresso stretched with added hot water
  • Wiener Eiskaffee: vanilla ice cream with cold espresso and a lot of whipped cream


  • Topfenstrudel: strudel filled with curd and raisins
  • Milchrahmstrudel: instead of curd you have a sort of cream, often served with custard
  • Apfelstrudel: strudel filled with with apples (more sour ones), sugar, rosted bread crumbs, raisins, cinnamon ;
  • Weintraubenstrudel: strudel filled with grapes and biscuit
  • Nusstrudel and Mohnstrudel: a strudel with a thicker dough filled with nuts or poppy seeds <>
  • Germknödel: yeast dumplings filled with plum jam, served with melted butter, poppy seeds and icing sugar<>
  • Marillenknödel/zwetschkenknödel: small dumpling (dough made with curd) with apricots or plums, served with roasted breadcrumbs and icing sugar
  • Gugelhupf: all variations of ring cake, with chocolate, nuts, yeast, egg nog etc.
  • Buchteln or wuchteln: small yeast cubes, sometimes filled with nuts or jam. If not filled served with custard.
  • Kipferl/croissants: according to history the croissant was invented in Vienna at the 2nd siege after the emblem of the Turkish army


  • Malakofftorte: made with sponge fingers and cream with almonds
  • Topfentorte: biscuit cake filled with curd/cream
  • Punschtorte: biscuit mixed with alcohol, pink topping
  • Maronitorte: cake with chestnut filling
  • Mohntorte: poppy seed cake
  • Doboschtorte: built up with several thin layers
  • Esterhazytorte: also built with several layers
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The most famous cafes in Vienna are Cafe Demel (with excellent boxed chocolates, imaginative ice cream confections, their own fabulous version of Sacher Tortes and apfelstrudel and coffee -- try the cafe melange), Cafe Hawelka (located off the main shopping street -- Graben -- and a longtime hangout for bohemians and artists) which serves excellent buchteln and Hotel Sacher (home of the original Sacher Torte).